• Increasing Efficiencies with CRM Software

    Increasing Efficiencies with CRM Software

    Advances in technology have impacted the mortgage industry in ways the average consumer never sees. In the background, there are procedures that have changed significantly in the past thirty years.  A mortgage broker or banker from the 1980s and early 1990s would hardly recognize the loan origination process of today.  What was once a sixty […]

  • Buying a Private Jet

    Traveling by Private Jet

    Recently, I had the occasion to tag along with a friend who happened to own a private jet that is used for personal and business travel.  As one who is usually very uncomfortable flying in any kind of aircraft, it wasn’t an easy decision to downsize to something the size of a large SUV and […]

  • Why a good employment attorney can help with getting compensation

    Why a good employment attorney can help with getting compensation

    If as an employee, you are facing any workplace issues listed below, then you should consult an attorney as soon as possible: • Your Medical claims are rejected • Your workplace injuries are severe and you feel you can no longer continue at your current job in your present condition • You are not able […]

  • Cruising the Panama Canal

    Cruising the Panama Canal

    Just having returned from a cruise through the Panama Canal, I can truly say that it was at once not what I expected and, at the same time, even more than expected.  There is a history and a mystery to the Panama Canal which makes it an adventure unlike any other you may never experience. […]

  • Staging Your Home

    Staging Your Home

    Of all the things you can do to help sell your home, staging might be the most important of all.  Of course price and location are very important, too.  We don’t want to diminish the importance of either of these selling points. It is also true, however, that the media has changed the rules. As […]