• Buying a Private Jet

    Traveling by Private Jet

    Recently, I had the occasion to tag along with a friend who happened to own a private jet that is used for personal and business travel.  As one who is usually very uncomfortable flying in any kind of aircraft, it wasn’t an easy decision to downsize to something the size of a large SUV and […]

  • Why a good employment attorney can help with getting compensation

    Why a good employment attorney can help with getting compensation

    If as an employee, you are facing any workplace issues listed below, then you should consult an attorney as soon as possible: • Your Medical claims are rejected • Your workplace injuries are severe and you feel you can no longer continue at your current job in your present condition • You are not able […]

  • Network cabling with blueprint for office

    Worried about Internet Security? Try Structured Cabling

    With all the talk about hacking in the recent presidential election, little mention was made of ways to combat hacking and improve internet security. We know that hacking takes place; but do we know the steps it takes to remedy the situation. Few people know about structured cabling solutions and network wiring in general. Within […]

  • Electrical power in rural areas

    Remote Area Power Generation

    If you live in an area where you have an abundant supply of electrical power, then you are lucky. It is surprising how much of the world cannot just plug in a toaster when they want to toast some bread. Even in the U.S. there are parts of the country that are remote enough that […]

  • Foam Insulation application in attic

    With Spray Foam You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Comfort for Energy Savings

    The concept of saving energy often connotes sacrifice. Less form and less function often follow reduced anything. Fortunately, this is not the case with polyurethane spray foam insulation. How does this eco-friendly product give you more instead of less? The secret to spray foam success is found in its formulation and its efficiency. The foam […]