We published 156 posts on the Allrss Blog this year, and as is tradition, it’s time to look back at the most popular ones! You’ll find blogs on new findings in social media search, tips for e-commerce SEO, trends in technical and local SEO, and so much more.

Have a safe and happy new year, Allrss friends! See you in 2023.

*The top 25 written posts published between January 1 – December 26, 2022, in order by pageviews generated during that timeframe.

By Christopher Hofman Laursen | April 20, 2022

If your website is like most others, there is likely a mismatch between the content you provide, and what your prospective customers search for on Google. This article is about understanding those potential customers and their conversation with Google by using the customer journey mapping method to provide them with the best content.

By Lidia Infante | October 26, 2022

In the first chapter of this series, we dug into the search behavior on TikTok and why it should matter to SEOs. In this article, we are going to cover the ins and outs of the TikTok algorithm, and how to leverage it to get more users looking at your brand’s content.

By Christopher Long | January 25, 2022

Shopify is an increasingly popular platform for e-commerce sites, but it’s not fully SEO-friendly out of the box. What’s the best way to optimize your Shopify experience for SEO?

By Adriana Stein | March 16, 2022

Your SEO strategy should be one of the primary considerations before you even start your website. Instead of fighting to make your website SEO-ready later on, start with this holistic SEO checklist for new websites and save yourself valuable time and resources.

By Alex Harford | August 17, 2022

In this article, Alex shows you how and why to use Google Chrome (or Chrome Canary) to view a website as Googlebot. Viewing a website as Googlebot means we can see discrepancies between what a person sees and what a search bot sees – useful for technical SEO and content audits.

By Ann Smarty | November 14, 2022

Google’s featured snippets started as an experiment almost a decade ago. They have since become an integral part of Google’s SERPs, showing up for lots of queries. In fact, featured snippets are now considered organic position #1, so making them part of your SEO strategy is essential to build more traffic.

By Miriam Ellis | May 9, 2022

Google wants to employ machine learning and AI to alter the hours of operation on twenty million Google Business Profiles as part…