As part of the export strategy, the Swedish government is now focusing on increasing the export of tourism experiences, products and services in design. The mandate was given to Visit Sweden in cooperation with the industry in design, fashion and architecture. Swedish Design has been a driving force in the preparations started in spring 2014 and welcomes the opportunity for a more long-term and continuous efforts to promote Swedish design internationally.

The Ministry of Industry has decided to invest a total of SEK 28 million from 2016 to 2019 to develop and strengthen the international marketing of Sweden as a design country. These measures will contribute to creating greater international interest in design, such as in fashion, architecture, interior design, furniture, decorative arts and new media in Sweden, so that exports of design products and services increases and that more people come here and experience and consume Swedish design. The work will be led by Visit Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Design, trade associations and other industry representatives.

A situation analysis to Visit Sweden made with Swedish Design, ASFB (Association of Swedish Fashion Brands), Swedish Association of Architects and the Wood and Furniture Industry shows that there is an opportunity for Sweden to take a clearer position internationally and that there is great potential for design firms and tourism industry to grow.

– We see that this will benefit not only the design industry, but growth in general, both for export and domestic consumption. We were with and the work initiated two years ago and pleased with the decision. It is a unique effort in the design area with everything from crafts to digital products and services, says Ewa Kumlin, CEO of Swedish Design.

Swedish Design has since the association was founded in 1845 as the Swedish Society worked both at home and abroad to strengthen Swedish design, form, architecture and fashion. Swedish Design today has a government mandate to promote Swedish design nationally and internationally and has in recent years initiated and participated in several international initiatives along with promoting authorities and industry. The new communications platform provides increased opportunities for greater sustainability, coordination and planning of the growth-promoting actions of Swedish design.

– Design is a strong profile bearer of the Swedish brand. We and our partners are ready to start work immediately in order to enhance the growth of Sweden, says Thomas Brühl, CEO of Visit Sweden.

Visit Sweden and professional organizations in the design, together with Business Sweden and the Swedish Institute to create international marketing, among other things, identify a position for Sweden, develop a communication strategy and implement marketing campaigns abroad.

“Design is a common denominator for a number of cultural and creative industries. Design can be a physical product or an integral part thereof. It can also be a service supplied to customers abroad. But it can also be a part of an experience that can only be consumed on the spot, and therefore be a reason for a visit to the country rise. Design is an appropriate theme for brand building as foreseen in the export strategy. ”

– Susan Olson