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Any time you have to present your SEO work to other departments or executives, you’re going to have different groups of stakeholders with different interests, so you need to approach them differently. To help you, Bethan walks you through her top five tips for sharing your work with the C-suite.

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Video Transcription

Hi. So my name is Bethan Vincent, and I’m the Managing Partner at Open Velocity and I’m here to talk to you about how to deliver better presentations to executive stakeholders. 

1. Set the groundwork

So we’re going to start off with a tip that kind of occurs pre-presentation, and essentially it’s setting the groundwork to understand your stakeholders.

In any situation, you’re going to have different groups of stakeholders with different needs and different stakes, and you want to approach them slightly differently. So I love a magic quadrant. So here we’ve got one that basically shows you within any decision-making process you’ve got people with high influence and low influence. Stakeholders can be individuals or groups of individuals. Keep that in mind.

You’ve then got people or groups with a high stake, so they’ve got a high kind of interest in the outcome of the decision, and people with a lower stake. So essentially in any process, you want to divide and conquer, and this is something I advise you do. Don’t spend loads of time on it. It’s more a thought exercise. You can do it on the back of a napkin. But think about who are the people with high influence and low stake, because those people are very interesting and they can be your champions in the decision-making process, because essentially you can leverage their influence.

I would be as explicit to go and speak to the individual or group of individuals that I think fall in my champions box and say, “Hey, would you champion this decision? Would you help it get pushed through? This is what it’s going to mean for you. This is what it’s going to mean for the organization.” You’ve then got the high influence and high stake groups, and those are the people that really you want to spend the majority of your time on engaging, persuading, and inspiring.

Essentially, you want to show them: How is this decision, how is what I’m proposing going to be better for them?…