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In today’s Whiteboard Friday episode, expert content strategist Chima Mmeje talks you through the six top content formats SaaS brand can focus on to drive revenue.

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Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Chima Mmeje, and I am a SaaS content strategist at I write long-form content, and I also use topic clusters as a form of content strategy for SaaS companies. Today, I’m talking to you about six moneymaking content formats to prioritize for SaaS companies.

Now, before I get into all of this, I just want to start by saying that when building clusters or when doing research or when creating content, you should always start from the bottom to increase your chances of ranking and then make your way to the top. The reason being that at the top of the funnel, the keywords are extremely competitive, it has tons of search volume, and the likelihood of a small business or of a small website ranking for those keywords is very rare, in fact, almost never happens.

But if you start from the bottom, then you can pick one keyword, one keyword, one keyword, rank for those, make your way to the middle, and then at the top, use your pillar contents to bring everything together. Don’t get greedy. All right. Now that we have that, I’m just going to show you six keywords that I think have the most impact for moneymaking at the bottom of the funnel.

1. Best

The first one is best of keyword. Now, this keyword is so good because it actually fits into the funnel at the middle or at the bottom. It’s also a review type of content. Examples, best SEO tool for beginners, best free SEO tools, best SEO tool for link building, best keyword research tool. Okay, this is a sales enablement asset because it’s personalized to specific problems that the audience is facing.

This is not just SEO tool reviews. This is SEO tool reviews for beginners. This is SEO tool reviews for link building. All of them performing specific function. Now, what this type of content does is that it allows you to showcase your brand. It gives 10, 15 other competitors, tells the audience what all these other tools do, but positions your brand as the best option for them.

Now, example, I was trying to get a tool for podcast. I was thinking of creating a podcast for the FCDC….