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In December of 2022, Google announced that they did a link spam update, and they told us that they tried to nullify “spammy” links at scale. So, how do we exactly build non-spammy links? In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Debbie goes through five tips to do so.

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Video Transcription

Howdy, Allrss fans. This is Debbie. I am the Global SEO Manager at Dialpad. Today we’re talking about link building, one of my favorite areas in SEO. So last year, in December of 2022, Google had announced that they did a link spam update.

So in this update, they told us that they tried to nullify spammy links at scale. So how do we exactly build non-spammy links then? So today I’m going to cover five tips for non-spammy links. Before we jump into that, I wanted to kind of share that I’ve kind of split the tips into a few that are related to the mindset that you should have.

So how you approach link building is really important on how you can build non-spammy links. So how you think about link building is very important here. Then the second part is the tactics. What are specific tactics that you can try that will help you build non-spammy links? So now, first tip is who, who do you want to link to your content, to your site?

So are they like your journalists or content writers? You want to think about who you want links from and then look at what they are linking to. Are they linking to certain types of guides? We’ll talk about more of like content that you can create that they might be interested in linking to, but make sure you do that research beforehand to understand your target audience.

So when it comes to link building, your target audience are those journalists and people that you want links from. So you really need to understand them. So who do you want links from? What do they link to? Then also putting yourself in their shoes. So it’s important to think about what do journalists want. One thing is data.

They really like data. They like to quote data. If you read a news article, they might start off with like X percent of Americans, blah, blah, blah. So this is where you need to really understand what your target audience as a link builder, what do they want to see. Whenever you do outreach to them, which we’ll talk about later, you…