If as an employee, you are facing any workplace issues listed below, then you should consult an attorney as soon as possible:

• Your Medical claims are rejected
• Your workplace injuries are severe and you feel you can no longer continue at your current job in your present condition
• You are not able to understand the employment benefits and require expert advice
• You had a dispute with your employer or company’s insurance organization regarding your compensation claims
• You believe you are not getting proper benefits based on your understanding of the benefits to which you are entitled
• You have been sexually harassed or discriminated at your workplace

If you are an employee and have been through any of the above situations in Orange County, you may have been denied employment benefits. In many cases the companies or the insurance carriers deny the claims. As a result, many employees quit their jobs, settle for less or give up. Hiring an attorney can help you to get the benefits you deserve. An experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can assist you in challenging the denials or disputes in court and get you the benefits that you are owed.

The reasons why your claims are denied may be due to insufficient medical evidence. A proper medical record is required to make your case which will describe the injuries you have been through. An attorney can help in collecting records and arranging expert testimony from medical experts. He will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case and recommend the evidence needed to successfully prosecute your case.

An injured worker should be aware that in such cases they will be getting a larger compensation. In most cases they are facing financial trouble, behind in bills, or are not aware of their rights under the law. In such cases employers and insurance companies company will make an offer that is insufficient and an injured worker may actually accept it due to financial duress. An attorney will advise you the value of your case and what settlement you can get. They will proactively negotiate with the insurance companies and will assist you in getting help so that you will receive retraining or monetary payment to support you while you get alternate employment.

If your case is in Orange County, a good employment law firm like will help you assemble witnesses, provide needed medical records, perform legal research, and prepare for the trial. During hearing, your lawyer has to provide with his theory of the case, i.e. why you should get benefits, make required arguments, question the witnesses and offer objections. Still if you are not satisfied with the result of your hearing your attorney can appeal the decision. You can easily get a larger compensation from the third party whose negligence has caused or is directly or indirectly responsible for the injuries. So if you have a workplace injury and your claims are denied, it is best to hire an attorney. A good attorney will research your case, help you understand how to file an appeal, win the workers’ compensation insurance benefits to which you are rightfully entitled, as well as help you and your family get past this difficult time.