A lot like changing your oil, inspecting the tires in your car and checking the fluid levels in it, your HVAC system is a machine that begs for routine care and upkeep. The fact is this imperative house chore is often left to the last minute and forgotten by many homeowners.

Tom Khater, owner of Celestial Air HVAC in Paterson, NJ, said that it is just a commitment and many people don’t want to do it. “People don’t really see HVAC systems as valuable until they break down.”

Even though these airflow systems are invisible to the naked eye, they are an integral part of home or business comfort – not to mention the air quality of your home or business. “People always forget that your HVAC is running every day. Your furnace is running or your air-conditioner is running,” Tom said. You’ll end up spending a lot more money on your heating and cooling if you don’t have a full understanding of your system or don’t use the help of an expert.

Honest leadership

As a leading provider of heating and cooling services in Paterson and north New Jersey, Celestial Air has provided HVAC services to New Jersey property owners for over 25 years. They are your local, one-stop shop for everything air conditioning. They provide safe and efficient, 24/7 HVAC services, from routine maintenance to installation, as well as air quality services.

Their secret to success in business? Lead with integrity. Tom explained that most companies advise customers to replace their equipment as soon as they walk in the door, but their company doesn’t do this. “We don’t sell—we help.”

Prep, prepare, replace?

As the warmer weather becomes more apparent along the Eastern Seaboard, it is imperative to take care of your A/C systems to ensure they remain well-oiled and keep your house cool. When evaluating their units, many clients face this question: “Is it worth me replacing or repairing?” Tom said. But where to begin?
Tom recommended a few simple, routine steps to take stock and stay proactive in the preservation of your A/C system:

Take care to clean around your air conditioners
Leaves on your condensing coils should be cleaned out
Change your filters
You should check all drains in your basement
You should keep your blower wheels clean

Tom said, “Simple maintenance goes a long way. If you do simple maintenance every year, it extends the life and keeps the efficiency of your systems high. It is a return on your investment.”

Whenever in doubt, consult the experts

Celestial Air offers an in-depth, multi-point air conditioning check if you don’t find the time or just don’t want to do the dirty work. Whenever an emergency arises, they have you covered. They are on call round-the-clock, twenty-four hours a day. And when need be, they are the ones to handle installation. “If people don’t feel comfortable doing it, they call us,” Tom said.

Celestial Air has maintained an ongoing loyal clientele in north New Jersey, many of whom have long-standing maintenance contracts. With ethics, honesty and reliability at its core, Celestial Air has sought to maintain long-standing relationships with clients. Celestial Air is also proud to offer lower prices since we are a local business. “We have a loyal customer base.” Tom said, “I think this is one reason why we’re successful.”

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